Meek Manor Brand & Logo Design

MeekManor_3 is my wife, Valerie’s, project. She created it originally as an information website for our wedding, and it has morphed over the years into our home base where she shares our lives and projects. In early 2015, we completely redesigned the site, and I am quite proud of the assets created for this redesign.

When creating the Meek Manor logo, I was inspired by a design article that referenced responsive logo design (, a new trend in logo design, that really intrigued me as a designer. Responsive logo design just makes sense: if a website needs to move and respond to different screen sizes, the logo should too.

I took the Meek Manor redesign as an opportunity to do a responsive logo design study. I made a pot of coffee and, like I do with all my designs, I sat down with a sketch book, and made many, many sketches to work out just how the graphic would change as it was resized. Below you can see the original mockup design to get an idea of the tone and feel of the design. I used Adobe’s Photoshop Sketch app for the iPad.

Valerie and I talked a lot about the feel of “home” we wanted for our brand. We also wanted a softer, almost pastel, color scheme. There are some subtle elements included in the design, such as our “BatBug” heart logo that is on the front door of the house and our favorite dream car that we hope to own some day–a 1956 Ford Fairlane in pastel 2-tone blue paint, with a special license plate that is our wedding date.

The final product included four logo designs that build on each other, creating a cohesive brand and a set of graphics that would fill different sized and shaped needs for Meek Manor.

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