About Me


Who am I?

I am a creative and meticulous graphic designer who possesses a strong fine arts background, which contributes to a proven track record of creating successful sales and marketing support visuals. I am an independent thinker and solid team player. I work closely with clients to create innovative, effective campaigns, and presentations. I am a highly proficient hardware and software user who is constantly evolving with technology.

My family’s coffee table was where I began my love of art. I was always doodling and drawing, but one Saturday morning I caught one of my idol’s TV show. His name was Captain Bob. His television show was a demonstrative type of show, that based all his drawings around the sea-life and scenery of New England. I really developed my skills at the age of 5 or 6. I even got one of my pieces shown on his show. A highlight of my career. My love of the Batman character was began from the old re-runs of the Adam West show following the Captain Bob show on a couple of Saturday mornings. The basics I learned are still the very foundation of everything I draw and design. I instilled these same basics when it was my turn to teach. I don’t like to talk about myself, but sometimes you have to, I was good at teaching, and the kids loved my classes.

What I do?

I am an artist. I illustrate, draw and design. I started working as a freelance artist drawing comics for Brainstorm Publishing in the late 90’s. I worked as a penciler on a few titles, Skynn & Bones, Hammer Girl and a few special pin-up books. As a penciler I was responsible for the overall layout and pacing of a story, much like a director for a feature film, in fact, that is how I would approach each comic book.

I instructed cartooning and comics to children for a few years at local schools, summer art camps and a local university. I also instructed classes in figure drawing and perspective drawing to adults. I moved into graphic design, and was very successful creating artwork for promotional exhibits, sales support documents, trade show booth graphics, data sheets, brochures and PowerPoint presentations.

How I do it?

Everything I design starts with a good sketch. Sketching is what I call visual thinking. To save time I draw on my iPad with the Sketchbook Pro app. A paper sketchbook was my pad of choice before, and I still go back to it at times, but with the iPad I can import right into the Adobe Creative Suite. I also use a Wacom tablet and will draw right on the computer as well. I use Microsoft Office 2011 for the Mac for all my PowerPoint design work. I also run a virtual machine to run Windows 7.

Contact me

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