Cover Design

Book & CD Cover ArtI will never forget getting a phone call from the creators of one of my childhood heroes. I answered the phone, and immediately they told me how much they loved the sketches I sent them. I couldn’t wait to turn it into the finished cover you see here.

This description is from Amazon’s website “The creators of Total Television, the brains behind Underdog, Tennessee Tuxedo and many classic cartoons, reveal the origin of one of cartoon’s greatest champions – Underdog! From conception to worldwide megahit, the entire story of the birth of Total Television at last closes an important gap in animated television history. Includes * Original sketches for this biography by artist/creator Chet Stover * Unused story ideas for the 25th anniversary Underdog series * I Storylines and summaries for The World of Commander McBragg, Underdog, Go Go Gophers, Tennessee Tuxedo, and King Leonardo and His Short Subjects * And more!”

The second book is written by the great June Foray. I spoke with her as well, she is simply amazing. The characters she brought to life are endless. This is also from Amazon’s website. “June Foray, voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Natasha on Rocky and Bullwinkle, has assembled a hilarious collection of humorous essays aimed at knocking the hats off conventions and conventional sayings. Her highly literate work is reminiscent of John Lennon, S.J. Pearlman, with a smattering of P.G. Wodehouse’s love of language. This is the first book from the voice of Warner Brothers’ Grandma (Tweety cartoons) and Stan Freberg’s favorite gal!”

The third book cover was actually an unused version, which I liked a little bit better, so I included this one. The last cover is a design for a CD of audio Bible stories.

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