Cover Illustration

#tbt Okugi Flips

“Okugi Flips”  JECompany Inc.

For Throwback Thursday, I am posting a project that I did about 11 years ago. I was hired to design a series of trading cards, with a total of over 40 cards. I was given full creative control over this project. Each card featured a character conceptualized in appearance even their names were creations of mine.  The cards ranged from heroes and villains characters, heroes in civilian clothes, to scenic cards showing battle and rescue scenes. Each card began with several traditional pencil drawings that were then scanned into the computer and inked and colored with Adobe Photoshop, which I now use Adobe Illustrator for. This project was extremely fun for me as an artist. I was hired to create pretty much everything, the characters, their personalities and even their world.

How Underdog Was Born…

Underdog captured my imagination as a child, becoming one of my childhood heroes. BearManor Media INC. offered me the position of Design Director for How Underdog was Born’s book cover.

I worked with Underdog creators, Buck Biggers and Chet Stover. My concept was designed with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon as the focus. The black and white sketch was the rough I used to develop the final design. Then a color draft was created for final approval from the publisher.

The other color concept was a optional design, it was passed over for the one you see as the final. Designing this cover, and working with the Underdog creators, fulfilled both the fan and designer in me. I saw the concept sketch through fruition, and the positive feed back from Mr. Biggers and Mr. Stover inspired me as an artist.